Yes. Original copy of Certificate of Vehicle Registration (CR), Original Receipt of Registration (OR), Original LTO plate number and Notarized Deed of Sale are provided.
You can expect the release of your vehicle within two (2) to three (3) weeks at maximum.
You can visit RFShop website at https://rfshop.com.ph or visit nearest yards that are listed at https://rfshop.com.ph/contactus.
Just write your Letter of Intent (LOI) and send it to aadd.loi@rfc.com.ph.
Yes, all of the cars that we sell have BUY NOW OPTION and no more for biddings.
Yes, all our cars, properties and appliances are available with Financing powered by RFC (Radiowealth Finance Corporation) with 20% Down payment and up to 48 months Balance installment.
Yes, all of the cars that we sell have BUY NOW OPTION.
No, we do not bid the cars that we sell.
Absolutely, our cars are all negotiable.
Kindly contact AADD Sales at https://rfshop.com.ph/contactus for yard visits.
We only inspect the car at our RFC Yards. Please see the complete list of RFC yards at https://rfshop.com.ph/contactus.
Yes. We do provide insurance for our cars.
Unfortunately, deposits are non-refundable.
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